Silicon face cleansing brush best choise 2020

Myth 1. Face brushes are beauty blogger’s hype, you can clean your skin with your hands.

Yes, there is a lot of noise around the brushes. But look: electric beauty brushes appeared on the beauty market in 2004, but the popularity does not decline. Perhaps this is the longest-running hype in history, but rather, the fact is that it is a useful care product.

When you wash your face with your hands, bacteria and excess fat still remain on your skin. The brushes are cleaned efficiently - they are used once or twice a day with an ordinary wash. In addition, they remove a layer of dead cells - vibration, pulsation or mechanical rotation, depending on the principle of the brush. This helps the skin renewal that occurs every 27 days.

Dermatologists say, that if you regularly remove dead skin, your complexion becomes smoother. Qualitatively cleansed skin absorbs skin care products better: beneficial substances from creams and serums cannot penetrate the epidermis through dead particles, grease and dirt.

Electric brushes for washing not only clean, but also massage. They stimulate blood circulation, so the skin becomes more elastic and looks well-groomed even without makeup.

The main reason why brushes are so popular is that effect can be achieved in your own bathroom without spending money on beauty salons.

  • Verdict: not true. Facial cleansing brushes are a cool invention with which you can professionally care for your skin at home.
The Swedish company FOREO produces face brushes with T-Sonic technology: 8,000 sound pulses per minute penetrate the skin, open pores, make the face shiny and smooth. FOREO LUNA 2 not only cleanses, but also fights the first signs of aging. A FOREO LUNA mini 2 is suitable for young skin care. The brush is fully charged in an hour, and one charge lasts for five months of use.

Myth 2. If you start rubbing your face with a brush, there will definitely be irritation

Firstly, be careful with rubbing. Care should be delicate - it's a face, not a heel. In addition, this procedure has an adaptation period. Bacteria can hide in the layers of the keratinized epidermis, and when the brush removes them, rashes will appear. The skin will get used to the product in a couple of weeks. Secondly, everything is good in moderation, including skin cleansing. Even if you want to try all the beauty novelties, do not combine the brush with scrubs and rough washcloths. Or conduct chemical peels at home without any indication. Coarse nylon brushes can also injure the skin.
  • Verdict: true, if you overdo it. Choose one cleansing method and act delicately.

Myth 3. To carry your face with a brush means to spread the infection inside.

It depends only on you how hygienic washing will be. Bacteria are spread primarily by hand - for example, when you rinse them in haste and then wash your face thoroughly. And especially when crushing acne and combing inflammation. Do not do like this. Wash your hands before touching your face, and do not touch every five minutes the place where something appears.

The face brush also needs to be kept clean: you can not throw it on the sink immediately after washing. Some special care is not required: just wash, remove the remnants of the cleanser and dry on a clean towel. Facial care professionals say that it is easier to keep silicone brushes clean.

  • Verdict: not true if you follow the hygiene standards.
FOREO face brushes are made of soft medical silicone. This material is much more hygienic than nylon. After the procedure, just wash the brush with warm water.

Myth 4. I have sensitive skin. I can’t use a brush to clean my face.

The teeth are also sensitive, but it does not mean that they cannot be cleaned - you just choose a special paste and a brush with soft bristles. Sensitive skin also needs to be cleansed, but you will have to find a brush designed specifically for your type.

FOREO offers four options for washing brushes: for normal, combination, sensitive and oily skin. Your cosmetologist will determine your skin type best. You can try to evaluate yourself by characteristic signs.

  • Verdict: not true. You can choose the right brush for any type of skin.

Myth 5. Face brushes cost space money.

Brushes are not cheap, but not more expensive than going to the beautician. At the same time, they can give results comparable to salon care. Carefully evaluate the brush before buying: if it suits your skin type and is convenient to use, it is a good investment in your health and beauty.
  • Verdict: partly true. Brushes can be quite expensive, but you can spend less on grooming with them.

Main differences between Foreo Luna 3 and Luna 2 OR why Luna 3 is the best choise

  • increased contact area will cleanse your skin faster and more efficiently
  • 30% longer touchpoints to reach deeper into your pores and cleanse your skin better than ever before
  • 25% softer touchpoints for the gentlest facial cleansing in the universe
  • 16 different intensities let you power up the T-Sonic pulsations or tone them down
  • 650 uses from a single charge you will use your Luna 3 much longer without charging

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